About printing house ROPRINT – heatset web offset, sheet-fed offset, digital print, prepress, book printing, finishing processes. Offset. Heatset.

About Us

Printing house Roprint specializes in heatset web offset and sheet-fed offset. It was founded in the end of 2007 by Emil Petkov, CEO, and launched its work in the beginning of 2008. We rely on the competency and experience of our team of proven professionals in the field.

Besides high quality product and quick turnaround, our team aims to provide a flexible and fast track service to comply with our clients’ expectations. Our experience with some of the biggest and leading companies in the market is a testament to our prompt response when consulting clients and resolving specific issues throughout the work process.

Our desire is to meet and exceed our clients’ high expectations and to be exceptionally flexible with tight deadlines. In addition, we offer delivery. For clients who require a complex service, we are able to provide an inclusive personalized price, including design, prepress and distribution.